Programmable LED Light STrip

J. Sante / Mar 2017

This was a quickie project to get some backlight effects on the arcade machine.


Here I'm pressing a button on the breadboard to switch between the various display modes. Note they're all red, green and blue -- I wanted to get some cool combo effects but I found that this particular strip doesn't do combos well -- orange, yellow, purple, pink etc were so washed out you couldn't tell what they were.


Arduino UNO R2 $13
3.2ft 60-pixel WS2812B RGB LED Strip $13
Breadboard $3.00
Breadboard $3.00
Old 5V cell phone adapter (connector cut off) Had this lying around
Total: $29

This project is based on this excellent tutorial...

Arduino and WS2812 LEDs

...but with an added on/off switch and a button to change display modes.

The switch just goes between the +5V in from the adapter and the positive power rail on the breadboard.

The button was configured via this tutorial.



Here's the C code in its entirety:


Just open it up in the Arduino IDE, FastLED Library and run it.

Future plans

I'd like to eliminate the breadboard and solder everything together into some kind of case, with a proper arcade button on top to match the rest of the machine.