True Cost of Health Care
Posted 05/28/2016

This site exposes the price gouging at every level of the U.S. health care market. This is an absolute must read.

A few takeaways:

Always ask for generic versions of any drug prescribed.

Skip pharmacies entirely and buy from Costco, Walmart (ugh) or grocery stores – they actually sell drugs with a markup on what they paid as opposed to whatever they can bilk out of insurance plans. Generics are in fact dirt cheap.

Compare the price you pay after insurance for every drug you take versus the same drug from Canadian or other international pharmacies. Very often you can buy it cheaper out of pocket elsewhere, or (even better) get European generics for drugs that are still under patent in the U.S.

If you need an operation, you should see if the price paid after insurance is cheaper than if if you were to fly to Canada or Switzerland or Thailand and pay out of pocket. It often will be.

For hospital stays, never ever get tests there if you can get them done at an outpatient facility.

True Cost of Health Care

When I began my medical career more than a decade ago, people were already very concerned about the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. However, as much as everyone knew medical costs were high, no one in… update!
Posted 05/21/2016

I’ve just updated for the very latest corporate ownership and campaign finance data, Jan 1990 - Feb 2016.

If you’ve ever wondered who actually owns the largest corporations in the US and to whom they and their employees donate, as far as I know my site is the best resource out there.

To create it I downloaded and parsed 3.6mn SEC ownership forms and combined them with 54.7mn FEC campaign donation / lobbying records, resulting in 9.4mn searchable summaries.

Next up: integrating the Panama Papers!

Completed: Home Arcade Project
Posted 05/15/2016

Here’s an absurdly long post about how I purchased and assembled the hardware and software for my home arcade machine.

Completed: Home Arcade Project

Home Arcade Project - X-Arcade Tankstick, MAME and Xtension Pedestal Cabinet

Posted 12/16/2015

Here’s an Industrial piece I wrote. It uses synths and a distorted cello:

I had a blast writing it using Ableton Live and my own composition app. It’s in C# minor, 77 bpm.